Ace Gloss White Helmet

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The Pro Tec Ace helmet is a highly stylish and functional skateboard helmet. With 16 open vents, the helmet is designed to keep you cool when you're skating hard and working up a sweat. The Ace features fully adjustable chin strap and comfortable EPS foam padding that make it comfortable to wear for a full day of skating. The Ace has been Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Certified which means it meets the highest safety standards.


  • Shell: High-impact ABS
  • Liner: Multi-impact SXP
  • Interior: Compression polyurethane foam padding with laminated Nylex

The Ace helmets have long been the most recognizable helmets in the park. More vents, aero-styled shell, and multi-impact SXP technology are the key features protecting the skulls of Pro-tec's top skaters, like that of Steve Caballero.