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Antik Jet Carbon Boot

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Antik Jet Carbon Boots

Carbon fiber outsole makes the Jet Carbon the most powerful and responsive Antik Boot to date. The low-cut ankle improves range of motion, squared off toes facilitate a more natural fit in the toe box, and the power strap is set deep and angled towards improving heel security. Inside, a moisture wicking microfiber liner keeps things cool and comfortable while the tongue secures via velcro to prevent slippage. Fully heat moldable heel and toe box.

Antik Jet Carbon Boots

  • Vegan Construction (No Leather)
  • Carbon Outsole/Heel Cup
  • Defender Synthetic Shell Material
  • Low-Cut Ankle
  • Perforated Microfiber Liner
  • Foot Lock Velcro Strap  
  • 45°, Anchored Low
  • Velcro-Lock Tongue
  • Bumperguard Toe Protector
  • Heat Moldable Heel & Toe Box


How to Heat mold and Spot Mold your Jet Carbon Boot:


    poiseexdcfgbhujiko-p9iy6redc.jpg  Antik Jet Carbon Boot size chart