Bad Girlfriend Skates Cooler Special

$171.50 - $243.50
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Bad Girlfriend Skates travel Bag

All travel for derby, game or tournament have you wanted a cooler to take all that nutrition you need for your games?

This bag is all that! Comes with plastic insert to separate items or even to fill with ice to keep items cool.

Stocked in the bag tons of specials:

Choice of Wheels (Add in comments which durometer you would like), Top notch Bearings, Wheel Bag to keep your wheels together, Laces, Toestops, Leather Toe Cap, Sisu Go Mouth guard and mouth guard case, and Scrimmage Shirt with name and number. Minimum saving on the package is $66.50

Wheel Choices



Riedell Morph Wheels

Green Core: Orange 88a / Pink 84a

Pink Core: Yellow 91a / Orange 88a

Purple Core: Blue 93a / Orange 88a

Blue Core: Dark Yellow 95a / Yellow 91a

Yellow Core: Green 97a / Blue 93a

Riedell Morph Wheels colors

 BONT Evolve Wheels 59x38mm

  • Blue 88A
  • Purple 92A 
  • Red 95A 
  • Black 98A

BONT Evolve Wheels 59x38mm colors


Riedell Halo Wheels - Size: 38mm x 59mm

Hardness: 84A Hub: Purple Halo Hub

Hardness: 86A Hub: Orange Halo Hub

Hardness: 88A  Hub: Teal Halo Hub

Hardness: 91A  Hub: Yellow Halo Hub

Hardness: 93A  Hub: Pink Halo Hub

Hardness: 95A  Hub: Blue Halo Hub

Hardness: 97A  Hub: Green Halo Hub

Hardness: 99A Hub: White Halo Hub

Hardness: 101A Hub: Black Halo Hub

Hardness: 103A Hub: Grey Halo Hub

Image result for Riedell pop wheels

 Riedell Pop Wheels - Size: 38mm x 59mm

  •  Yellow 88A, Blue 91A, Pink 93A, and Green 95A


Riedell Villain Wheels

  • Size: 38mm x 59mm
  • Hardness: 84A



Envy Hybrid 84A - 59x38mm wheel

  Sizes / Edge:

    • 59mm x 38mm / None
    • 62mm x 38mm / None



Radar Energy Outdoor Wheels


  • Size: 32mm x 65mm
  • Hardness: 78A
  • Hub: Micro Hub
  • Colors: Black, Purple, Lime, Blue!

Mota Wheel bag/Atom Wheel Bag

Fits 8 wheels of any brand, type or style.

mota-quad-wheel-bag-front.jpg      atom-quad-wheel-bag.png

Criss Cross Roller Skate Laces 3/4" Width - 72" length

Criss Cross Laces Fat (3/4") Width

Gumball Toe Stop                                    Riedell Toe Guard Snout

gumball-toestop-bgfskates.jpg     Riedell Leather Toe Caps

 SISU Go Mouthguard                             Mouth Guard Case


sisu-go-alt-1.png    mouth-guard-case.jpg