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BONT Park Star Boot

The Bont Park Star is a suede high-cut ankle boot designed to be used for indoor or outdoor skating. BONT have taken the best parts of their boot innovation and used it to create a boot designed for use in park, recreational and street skating environments.

The ParkStar combines comfort, style and performance for the perfect lifestyle boot at an affordable price.

Features include:

  • Internal hand formed heel 23mm
  • High ankle for added support for landings at 140mm
  • Boot thickness at 1.4mm for durability
  • Front bumper for added toe protection
  • Suede leather for great comfort and style
  • Heel lock
  • Heat mouldable fiberglass base 

The Park Star combines Bont's comfort, with retro styling and Bont's legendary performance to create one of the best-performing lifestyle boots on the market. 

This skate is being cleared out with Bont Tracer plate, outdoor toestop and wheels.

Black/Silver sizing 5/37, 6/38, 8/41 and 9/42

Purple/Black sizing 6.5/38.5, 7.5/40

Red/Black sizing 6.5/38.5