iLLUMIN8 LED Light Up Wheels 2/pack [62x36mm]

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Crazy Skates Illumin8 LED Wheels are the way to take any set of skates to a whole new level of fun. Made with Crazy Skates top quality urethane and infused with super bright LED technology - these wheels use their own spinning energy to generate light. The faster you skate, the brighter you shine. Inferior alternative LED wheels can feel sluggish and restrictive to skate with, but Crazy Skates have specially engineered these wheels to have superior LED flashing without sacrificing the gliding feeling of skating.

Crazy Skates illumin8 Wheels come pre-installed with 8mm ABEC-7 Speed bearings, so they are ready to be installed straight onto your skates - easy!

Batteries Not Required - Quality Dynamo between bearings produces the power

Available in Great Colors - including some with Glitter!!!

  • Teal Glitter
  • Purple Glitter
  • Pink Glitter
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Each 2 pack is $20 so for 2 skates you need 4 sets at total of $80 but don't forget these come with bearings so still a great price when compared to other wheels were you still must buy bearings.