Moxi Lolly Split colored Skate

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Moxi Lolly Split coloured suede high top roller skates can be used for indoor or outdoor recreational skating.

The soft leather boot breaks in quickly with minimal discomfort and forms to your foot more than less expensive synthetic skate boots.

  • High Top Leather Boot with Moxi lining
  • Powerdyne Nylon Thrust Plate
  • Off Set Toe Stop and Stabilizing Foot Plate
  • Kwik ABEC 7 Bearings

A split colored order is defined as the right boot in one color and the left boot in a different color. This is traditionally known in the Moxi subculture as the 'best friends' skate package. Split colored Moxi Lolly skate orders are $90 more than regular Moxi skate order. Both colors must be picked in any of the Moxi suede colors: Poppy Red, Strawberry Pink, Fuchsia, Clementine, Pineapple, Floss Mint, Honeydew, Pool Blue, Taffy Purple and Fuchsia.

Since they are made by hand, they will ship between 4 and 6 weeks after you place your order online. (Due to Covid 19 production time is now 6 - 8 weeks)

Split coloured Lolly skate orders are custom orders and cannot be cancelled once the order has been placed with Riedell.

They come with Moxi Classic or at an additional cost Moxi Trick or Fundae wheels.


The Classic outdoor wheels from Moxi have a special designed core (hub) with its  wide dimensions it will gives you a lot of stability as well as a  precise and fast rolling. The high quality urethane is applied thickly  that you can roll smooth and comfortable over surface irregularities.  Also longer distances will be no problem with these Moxi wheels!

Moxi Trick Wheels for the skatepark and your dance moves at the roller rink.

moxi-trick-wheel-green-bgfskates.png moxi-trick-skate-wheel-bgfskates.png

These roller trick wheels are built to withstand constant being the highest quality urethane available.

Moxi FUNDAE! Roller Skate Wheel


A smooth blend of urethane that rolls from street to park. Fundae wheels are 57 mm in diameter and 34mm wide and come in the following cream swirl colors: Lavender, Bubble Gum (pink), Birthday Cake (blue) and Creme de Menthe (teal green). The Fundae wheels are all the same hardness and are recommended for slick park surfaces and those new to ramps AND streets and outdoors for those experienced in the streets and want more speed!

Fundae formula is FAST and resilient on asphalt and sidewalk commuting. It holds its shape for transitioning floors at skate parks. The shape of the wheel is narrow enough to pivot safely out of bails and carved in a way to avoid getting caught up on the coping.


For BEST FIT: Please order 1 full shoe size down from your regular women's street shoe size. For example, if you take an 8 in women's you will order a 7.  If however you are 8.5 to 9 in women's, pick the size 8.

It is strongly recommended using foot length to determine your Moxi size.  Place a blank piece of paper on the floor flush with the wall and stand up straight with your heel firmly against the wall. Have someone else trace around you toes onto the paper with a pencil. Goal is heel to toe length . Do not bend over to measure yourself as this will distort the measurements.  Repeat with other foot. Use a ruler to measure heel to big toe. If your feet are two different lengths use the longer of the two measurements.  All measurements are recommendations only. Sizing may vary based on personal preference and skill level.



4 22.4 8 13/16
5 23.3 9 3/16
6 24.1  9 1/2
7 24.9  9 13/16
8 25.9 10 3/16
9 26.7 10 1/2
10 27.5 10 3/16


MOXI Roller Skates should fit snug throughout the toe and heel, but you should be able to move your toes a little. They should be laced tightly from the first eyelet to the hooks. Lolly Roller Skates are suede classics available in sizes 4 - 10, hand sorted 4 oz suede leather that is breathable and forgiving for maximum amount of comfort. It is best that customers lace them tightly to ensure a proper snug fit. Most women wearing the Lolly Roller Skates will find a snug fit if they go 1 - 1.5 sizes down from their regular USA street shoe size. If a skater is in between sizes it is advisable to go with the larger size. This is only information and to be used as a reference. As always sizing will vary and it is strongly recommended skaters come into the shop and try on the skates before they are purchased.

Sizes 4 -10. Full Sizes Only. Medium Width.

Extra purchases to think about:

Recommend adding Powerdyne Y3 Skate Tool to your order to change wheels and tightening toe stop - good quality tool!

Upgrade toe stops to Moxi Brake Petals