Riedell Tuff Toe Skate Boot Protection

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Riedell Tuff Toe Skate Boot

Riedell Tuff Toe applied to your roller skate boot will provide protection to the boot and any other area you apply it. It is a chemical and water resistant polyurethane adhesive that has been specially formulated to provide maximum protection against abrasion for your skating boots. Tested and approved on the smooth hardwood floor of your favorite rink, sport tile, rough concrete, and other skating surfaces. Tuff Toe creates a permanent bond with your boots that is more than three times more durable than leather.

Riedell Tuff Toe - once its there, its there. Keeps boots protected wherever you apply it.  

This is a permanent addition to your boot which is 3 times tougher than the leather to which it is applied.

  • Package includes all application materials and instructions
  • 50ml package
  • Sets up in 5 minutes
  • Cures in 24 hours
  • Bonds to almost any surface

Tuff Toe polyurethane adhesive goes on as a thick liquid and dries in minutes to a high-density shell, providing durable protection to any surface it covers. Apply a coating to your skate boots, and allow to fully cure for 24 hours for tough, durable protection against scuffs, tears, and abrasions. Will bond to almost any surface, and works with both leather and synthetic skate boot materials. Excellent to protect new skates, as well as repair older ones -- Tuff Toe will bond to both old and new surfaces.

Tuff Toe comes only in black, and sets up smooth and solid with a slightly rubbery matte texture. It creates a permanent bond, and is over three times more durable than leather. Once cured, it is water and chemical resistant, and is tested and approved for use on hardwood rink floors, sport court, rough concrete, and other skating surfaces.

Make sure you read the instructions and watch the video guides, (check our video upload on this page)as it can be a little tricky to work with if you have never used it before.

And depending on your boot and where you apply Tuff Toe, you may want to break-in your boot a little before you apply, as Tuff Toe may reduce the leather stretching in that area.

Tuff Toe goes on easily, with just one coat and 15-minutes of set time, so you don't need to keep applying layers.

Tuff Toe has a long history of protecting shoes worn in other sports and on work boots in industrial occupations because of its versatility and durability. 



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