S1 Lifer Visor Helmet Replacement Visor (Gen 2) - Iridium Gradient Mirror

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S-One Lifer Visor Helmet Replacement Visor (Gen 2) - Iridium Gradient Mirror is made with an impact resistant and optically correct poly-carbonate plastic.

Please note if you play Roller Derby it is against the WFTDA rules for game play to wear a tinted Visor without a Doctor's note.  If you suffer from migraine headaches or sensitivity to light you can get your doctor to write you a note in order to clear wearing this gear in WFTDA game play. If you do not have these issues check with your league to see if it is OK to wear this Visor during practices or non WFTDA game play.  

The Iridium Visor is great if you skate out doors and want a tinted lens for your Visor helmet.  

Note:  Visors can ONLY be mounted to Gen 2 Lifer Visor helmet shells.

 Visor Specs:

• High Impact Poly-carbonate to Prevent Shattering on Impact

• Optically Correct Lens

• Anti-Fog Coating on inside of Visor to help prevent fogging

• Anti-Scratch Coating on the Outside of the Visor to help prevent minor scratches and nicks

• Patented "Cover Catcher" to allow for Multiple Helmet Covers to be worn with easy on off

 Patent # 62/375.861