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Are you looking for a product that actually works to remove smell?

Are you an athlete?  Do you train hard?  Does your sports equipment smell like you work hard?  Have you ever had anyone COMPLAIN about the smell?  Have you ever wondered what died in your sports equipment, because the smell is so bad?  Have you tried the sprays, the powders, the balls and NOTHING works?

Then you need SportzGemz to remove smell!

Sports equipment can smell horrible.  What’s frightening about the smell is what you are smelling.  As bacteria forms in the sports equipment, it gives off an odor, which is what you smell when you open the sports bag.  In that smell are thousands of airborne bacteria, MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), which can attach themselves to your skin, or your lungs as you breathe causing an unhealthy environment for both the person playing and anyone around them.

Not only do SportzGemz eliminate odor from sports equipment, even a hockey bag, they help dry it out as well.  In our field testing, gloves, skates and cleats are dry in about 4 hours. This is great in a tournament situation where the equipment is worn often.

Even better is that the pouches work very quickly, so the drive too and from the sports field isn’t overwhelming.  You can also have the equipment in a hotel room with when you’re on the road and the whole room won’t stink!

SportzGemz are an easy to use, all natural SOLUTION that remove smell AND dries sports equipment.

Drop the pouches inside the footwear or gloves or skates or the bag and walk away.

  • Stops Smell
  • All Natural
  • Non-Toxic
  • Dries
  • Renewable, reuseable

SportzGemz55 pouches for hockey, ringette, lacrosse, football – the sports with full head to toe equipment.  This set is great for ski and snowboard equipment as well.  4 pouches for gloves and footwear and the large pouch for the helmet or the sports equipment bag.

Place the pouches inside the gloves and skates for maximum benefit. SportzGemz5 will dry the gloves and skates in 4-5 hours. When placed inside the equipment the ionic mineral inside the pouches draws out the moisture.


Having the pouch close to the equipment removes all the smell. If the equipment is used and the smell is already in the equipment, the pouches will still work to remove the smell in the equipment.


Re-energize the pouches a few times year by placing them in the sun.  Designed to be used for the next 3 years.


5 piece set - 4 smaller pouches for gloves and footwear and a large pouch for a bag or helmet.