Sure Grip Rollout Wheels - 4 pack

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Sure Grip Rollout Wheels feature a unique urethane formula as the Sure-Grip Zombie, the Sure Grip Rollout wheel is formed with a specialized pouring process that eliminates inconsistencies in the quality of each wheel. At the core is a two-piece, glass-filled nylon hub for rigidity, strength, and a more consistent roll, all while staying lightweight for fast footwork.

The core features a unique bonding agent that allows the hub to bond with the urethane tire at the molecular level, something that aluminum hubs cannot do.

Combined with reinforced support added to the outside of the wheel, the Rollout wheel rolls firm and quick for amazingly fast moves on the track.

Red 95A - Firm, for sticky surfaces and more slide

Green 98A - Hard, for speed on coated floors, banked track, and soft skate court

$30 for 4 pack of wheels

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