Sure-Grip Shock Stop

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Sure-Grip Shock Stop is the new high performance toe-stop made for roller derby.

Features a large round flat surface for extra stability and control. Surface holes give extra bounce for jumping and quick starts and a hollow stem to keep it light.

Features a new exciting formula, the Shock Stop is extremely durable, light weight and long lasting even outdoors.

Dimensions: 55mm Across / 26mm Stop Thickness

  • Non Marking
  • US Thread
  • Highly durable new rubber compound.
  • Flat Large Round Surface gives skaters stability when up on their stops.
  • Grips extremely well on all surfaces.
  • Tested and approved by skaters.

Stem length:

  • 25mm (LONG STEM)
  • 20mm (SHORT STEM)

MSRP: $25.00