Moxi Lolly Roller Skates

Bad Girlfriend Skates is your long standing full service roller derby skate shop offering a wide range of roller skates, uniforms, clothing, protective gear and so much more owned by Canada's original derby girl Hoochie. Shipping to Canada and USA


Lolly Skates in stock

Please check each Lolly page in the info for stocking Q and A.

We have ordered extra skates that will be listed on each page as to when they were ordered. We do not know when they will arrive. We only give an approximate time. At this time however we do see some of them taking 5-6 months from the date we ordered them. We are unable to order any new Lolly skates from Riedell due to the stop order on them therefore the only skates available are those shown on each page. Please email us at before you order to confirm that skate and we will give you the go ahead to order them. It will be first come first served priority.


We have ordered a lot of skates - Our suggestion is preorder as the demand is high and we cannot guarantee you a skate if it is not ordered for the best roller derby skates prices, gear, helmets and more. Visit us online or call/text 780 918 9676