Sonar Zen Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels 62mm - 4 pack - IN STOCK

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Price is per 4 pack of wheels - order 2 x 4 packs for 2 skates = 8 wheels

Sonar Zen Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels offer the most selection in outdoor wheels. Not quite as much rebound and speed as the Energies, but the Zen gives you good performance in the most affordable outdoor wheel.

Recommended use: Outdoor, Trail Skating

Size: 32mm x 62mm

Hardness: 85A

Hub: Fiberglass injected Urethane Micro Hub

Color: Black, Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

$20 for each 4 pack - don't forget to order 2 packs if you plan on skating on two skates and.....

Don't forget to order bearings! We can even install them for you!

If you are ordering Dash or any of the Dart skates and want us to switch the wheels we will pull the bearings from the wheels on the skates and install them into your outdoor wheels. Please leave a message at the end of your order if you would like us to do this for you - don't forget you need to order 8 wheels. These wheels come in packs of 4 wheels - order 2 packs = 8 wheels.