187 Slim Elbow Pad

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187 Slim Elbow pads are a compact pad ergonomically cut but shorter in overall length when compared with the classic 187 Elbow pad.  This pad has a single strap design making it easy to put on or take off.  In place of a lower strap is a single piece of stitched elastic which still holds tight. Flat riveted cap cradles your elbow still providing safety and protection. 


  • Tapered finish and streamlined design for less bulk
  • Contoured shape with seamless interiors for amazing fit and comfort
  • Double-stitching and high-strength ballistic nylon for durability
  • Superior interior foam absorbs hard impacts
  • Seamless interior finish provides ultimate comfort
  • Form-fitting riveted caps for performance

Designed for athletes wanting high-level performance with a slimmer fit. 

Sizing: for correct sizing, measure the circumference of around your elbow with a straight arm

X SMALL 15 - 18 cm / 6 -7"
SMALL 20 - 23 cm / 8 - 9"
MEDIUM 25 - 28 cm / 10 - 11"
LARGE 28 - 31 cm / 11 - 12"
X LARGE 33 - 36 cm / 13 - 14"
What is the difference between the three styles of 187 elbow pads?

The Standard Elbow is the original and more traditional design of elbow pad and best seller. It has a  ½” of foam.
The Slim Elbow Pad is a smaller, more compact elbow pad, with a fixed bottom strap. The Slim Pad still offers great protection with a  ½” of foam.
The Pro Elbow Pad is a larger, more thick and bulky pad for those who want max protection for their elbows. It has a 7/8” of foam.