Moxi Panther Laces

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Moxi Panther Laces

Replacement leopard print laces for the Moxi Panther roller skates. Durable molded tips help in the ease of lacing up your boots featuring a repeating leopard spot pattern.

All Moxi Leopard Laces skate laces are 10 mm wide and come in lengths, 90”, 108” and 118" and will fit nearly every size and model Moxi skate boot.


  • Performance wax infused
  • Braided flat lace made of high tenacity yarns
  • Molded tips out of the lace material itself, meaning no plastic or metal bits to peel off or break
  • Width: 10 mm
  • Available lengths:
    • 90” (229 cm) - Size 1-3
    • 108” (274 cm) - Size 4-7 
    • 118" (299 cm) - Size 8-10