PowerDyne Jupiter Toe Stops

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Jupiter Toe Stop 
Riedell is introducing the Jupiter Toe Stop  from Powerdyne.
The Jupiter Toe stop is grippy, non marking and long lasting
A 54 mm diameter surface and 57 mm overall height

Riedell is introducing the Jupiter Toe Stop from Powerdyne. The Jupiter Toe Stops are the product of several years worth of research, development and testing resulting in the best toe stop PowerDyne has ever created. Grippy natural rubber provides stability and predictable stopping power for fast stops and quick starts. A hollow stem and bell shape allow the Jupiter to have a large 54mm footprint and still be one of the lightest on the market.

The signature bell shape and hollow forged aluminum stem reduces weight and keep skaters nimble.

  • Grippy, non-marking, natural rubber
  • Massive flat surface for stability
  • Signature dimples for extra bite
  • Bell Shape provides large surface and lightweight design
  • 54 mm diameter stopping surface
  • 57 mm overall height
  • Molded safety line indicates when rubber is worn to stem
  • Hollow forged 28mm annodized black aluminum stem


Sold in pairs