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SMITH Scabs Junior Elbow Pads

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SMITH Scabs Jr Elbow Pads were built with the younger skaters in mind.

Features of the Junior elbow pad:

  • Removable foam (This gives you the option to be able to wash  stinky pads.)
  • Breathable material (Used on the inside of the pad to let skin breath.)
  • Shrunken version of adult sized elbows (They fit just right.  Great length and width so it doesn't move and fits snug on arms.)
  • Double strap (Top and bottom straps to help secure the elbow pad so their is no movement or slippage.  Used with higher grade elastic straps to help hold into place.)
  • Abrasion resistant material (Made with the top quality materials to give the best protection on the market.)   

smith-scab-jr-kool-elbow.pngsmith-scabs-junior-elbow-pads.png   smith-kool-elbow-back.png

Available in 2 sizes

  • Small/Medium for 4-6 age  (6-7")
  • Large/Xlarge 7-11 age  (11-13")